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    She even holds out hope that one day Charlie will repay her, as he promised to do so many times. There can’t be a man in this world that could be this horrible to have purposefully done what he’s done to me.” The criminals who carry out romance scams are experts at what they do. My theory is that the two are linked and that the age difference facilitates a dom/sub dynamic.

    Oracle updating cursor

    This upper limit is specified when the varray type is declared; it can also be modified afterward, if you are using Oracle Database 10 Release 2 or higher.Listing 2 shows how to define a varray type and declare a variable based on this type.BULK COLLECT into a varray when you know the upper limit.A varray is a collection that has an upper limit on the number of elements that can be defined in the collection.You don’t have to explicitly open the cursor, code the fetch, check to see if the cursor is exhausted, or close the cursor. The problem with using a cursor FOR loop is that either it isn’t the appropriate construct for querying data (as is the case for a single-row fetch) or it isn’t the most efficient approach (BULK COLLECT offers a faster way of querying data).Having said that, I can identify two circumstances in which using a cursor FOR loop would do little harm.

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    It’s important to know when not to use cursor FOR loops.

    I further recommend that you encapsulate your SELECT INTO statements into their own functions whose sole purpose is to retrieve this one row of information, as shown in Listing 1.

    Code Listing 1: Encapsulating SELECT INTO in a function PACKAGE employees_qp IS FUNCTION last_name (id_in IN employees.employee_id%TYPE) RETURN employees.last_name%TYPE; END employees_qp; PROCEDURE process_employee (id_in IN employees.employee_id%TYPE) IS l_last_name employees.last_name%TYPE; BEGIN l_last_name := employees_qp.last_name (id_in); END process_employee; With this approach, you are much more likely to reuse that SELECT INTO rather than write it repeatedly in your code.

    When you use a Transact-SQL server cursor, you can update the current row by using an UPDATE statement that includes a WHERE CURRENT OF clause.

    Changes made with this clause affect only the row on which the cursor is positioned. Business Entity ID) ; OPEN complex_cursor; FETCH FROM complex_cursor; UPDATE Human Resources.

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      A corporate executive is sent to a small town to re-brand a restaurant as part of a strategic acquisition, but the iconic diner happens to be in her home town where she hasn't been in years and the owner is her high school sweetheart.

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